10 Tips For Your Basement Remodel

When you are working on remodeling your basement, it is important you keep these 10 tips for your basement remodel in mind to ensure your basement remodel as smoothly as possible. Some of these tips will help you choose good ideas for your basement, while others are meant to help ensure you do not mess up your basement remodel.

If you are ready to learn these 10 tips for your basement remodel and how these tips can help your basement remodeling go smoother than without them, grab your computer and remodeling tools, and let’s get started! 

Add A Family Room Or Recreation Room

Basements are one of the best places in your home to set up a fun recreation room that is out of the way from the rest of your home or to place up a family home. How you design your own recreation or family home is completely up to you, but it can be the perfect place to stick up that large tv screen, a few comfy chairs, and a table to play games with your family. 

Include A Bedroom Or Bathroom In Your Basement

Another couple of rooms that can be great to add to your basement is either a bedroom or a bathroom. Both bedrooms and bathrooms make for good additions to a basement because if you find you do not have a large amount of space in the main section of your home, using the basement for bedroom or bathroom space is a great idea.

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This is especially good if you have teenagers who are getting older and need their own space. Placing them in your basement works out well most of the time, especially if you have a finished basement. 

Include A Kitchen Or Laundry Room In The Basement

The final set of rooms you could consider placing in your basements are kitchens or laundry rooms. If you decide to place a kitchen in your basement, you will have to figure out how to get electricity and any other utilities necessary for your kitchen. If you add a laundry room to your basement, you will also need to add in a floor drain and access to an outside wall.

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Have A Safe And Attractive Staircase

One of the most important things to have in your basement is a safe and attractive staircase. Without a safe and attractive staircase leading to your basement, you run the risk of someone either getting hurt when going down into the basement or going out of it. You want it to be attractive also so it will fit in well with the rest of your home decoration. 

how to find home remodeling contractors
how to find home remodeling contractors

Do Not Forget About Windows And Doors

When you are remodeling your basement, you will want to ensure you do not forget about adding in windows or doors if you are planning on incorporating them into the basement. If you do not incorporate them at the beginning, you may find that you are unable to do so after you have finished up the rest of your basement remodel. 

Finish The Walls

Another important tip for when you are remodeling your basement is to remember you should finish the walls. What this means is after you have finished putting up the walls, instead of leaving your basement walls rough and quite often unpainted, you instead take the time to smooth and paint your basement walls. This gives the entire basement a much more appealing look. 

Finish The Ceiling

Just like the walls, when you are remodeling your basement you should try to finish the ceiling as well because it will make it look much more attractive all around. Without a finished ceiling, it will feel like it just is not quite a homey basement, which is rarely what you are trying to accomplish when you are doing a basement remodel. 

Choose Flooring That Is Comfortable And Practical

When you are remodeling your basement, it is important to remember to choose flooring that is both comfortable and practical. Some people can get carried away when it comes to choosing the right type of flooring for their basement remodel, which leads them to get flooring that is either not comfortable to walk on or is not very practical when it comes to their needs. 

When choosing your flooring for your basement remodel, remember to consider what exactly you plan on using your basement for on the regular. If you or your family and friends will be spending a lot of time down there, it may be a good idea to get some carpet in the basement. If it is mostly going to be used for storage, going with tile, cement, or even hardwood flooring can be a great idea for your basement remodel flooring. 

Place Up Good Lighting 

Something that many people forget when remodeling their basement is to ensure they are placing up enough lighting. There is nothing quite as bad as forgetting to place up enough lighting to light up your basement thoroughly, so you do not wind up with a dark and depressing basement. If you are planning on using it regularly as a living space or a family room, try to place a few windows in as well if you can to allow some natural light to come through. 

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Do Not Forget To Build In Storage

The final tip to keep in mind when doing your basement remodel is to ensure you have built storage into your basement unless you absolutely do not want any storage in your basement. Usually, though, basements are used for storage, so building in storage can help keep everything organized and allow for a much better basement all around. 


Doing a basement remodel can take a lot of time, and it can seem like a very difficult task, but as long as you take your time and do not make it overly complicated, you will find that you have a very easy time with it if you keep these tips in mind. Choosing a company such as Your Way Contractors for your basement remodel is an excellent thing to do. They are located in New Jersey and provide residential remodeling services you can count on!

You now know 10 tips for your basement remodel.