tips for your next kitchen renovation
tips for your next kitchen renovation

Tips For Your Next Kitchen Renovation

Completing a kitchen renovation is a very exciting, yet nerve-wracking thing to do. There are so many choices to be made, but the prospect of a brand new kitchen can improve any home chefs cooking experience. Here are a few tips to ensure that your next kitchen renovation is a success.

Hire Professional Services

Whether you are completing the renovation by yourself or hiring a professional who is well known for kitchen remodeling services, you should always hire a designer to plan the renovation beforehand. A designers experience and ability to organize the kitchen in a way that makes sense for your space will ultimately save you time and money in the long run.

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Consider the Flow of the Kitchen

While hiring a designer is a great way to get the most out of your space, you also need to consider how the kitchen functions in your family. For example, if your kids sit on stools at the island often, then you wouldn’t want the stools to be in the way of the stove or oven. Consider what your design will look like on a busy weekday morning or while trying to get dinner on the table and make sure that the flow of the design works for you.

Choose Appliances Early

It is much easier to organize counters and cabinets around your appliances than trying to find an appliance that fits what you have already built. Choosing appliances before you start the renovation allows you the most flexibility to choose the appliance that you want rather than being restricted to appliances that fit your built out space.

Arrange the Cooking Area to Meet Your Needs

Since you are re-building the kitchen to meet your needs, really focus on how you are constructing the area around your stove and oven.

  • Reserve a cabinet or open shelves for cooking oils and spices that are easy to access.
  • Install S-hooks for commonly used cooking utensils so that you don’t have to have a utensil cup taking up your counter space.
  • If you have kids, consider installing a drawer specifically built for knives so that they stay in a safe convenient space.

The more thought you put into the cooking are during the renovation, the less running around the kitchen you will have to do while cooking.

kitchen remodeling tips
tips for your next kitchen remodeling job

Make Storage Accessible and Visually Appealing

One of the best parts about a newly renovated kitchen is building out the storage to meet your needs. Once you are finished, everything in your kitchen will have its own place. We highly recommend installing drawers whenever possible, especially in under counter cabinets. It is so much easier to find a pot or pan when you can pull a drawer out and not have to bend over sideways while digging through a deep cabinet.

In addition to function your storage should be appealing. While everyone wants as much storage as possible, it is important to break up large blocks of cabinets with a window or glass decorative cabinet.

Put Outlets Everywhere

Always opt for as many outlets as you can. This allows you options when plugging in appliances that you don’t always keep on the countertop, but also gives you room to grow into new kitchen technology that will undoubtedly continue to come out over the years.

Be Prepared to Not Have a Kitchen

While this is not directly related to the renovation itself, it is key to have a cooking set-up that will work for you during the renovation. Kitchen remodeling can take weeks, so you should invest in a hot plate and keep a microwave out so that you are able to have home cooked meals throughout the renovation.


Whether this is your first renovation or your tenth, these tips will help make sure that you are pleased with your final product. Ultimately, you should always consider your own preferences when renovating, as no one design will fit everyone and the end goal is to have a cooking space that pleases you.

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We wish you all the best on your kitchen renovation and hope you now have some actionable tips for your next kitchen renovation too!